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Working with Heart-Led Women who feel trapped, confused and frustrated by tech, yet know it is an essential element of their business.

What we offer

Total Online Business Solutions – from Automated emails to smooth Zooming and everything in between! Training & Coaching Packages or ‘Done For You’ Tech Services, whatever suits your needs, experience & imagination!

Training & Coaching

'Done For You' Tech

Website Design

Automations & Systems

Social Media Management

Landing & Sales Pages

Video Editing

Courses & Memberships

Graphic Creation

Lets have a virtual coffee

At the end of the day you don’t know what you don’t know!

If you feel as though you are wading through mud when it comes to the technical aspects of your business let’s have a chat and shed some light on possible solutions.

Why we are different

We really do understand how unique your needs and requirements are,  let us put into place the perfect solutions for you and your business, here’s what Susan has to say…

“Sharon has been so easy to work with, she is patient, creative and really listens to what you want to achieve whilst gaining an essence of who you really are without even asking. With a amazing amount of skill, empathy, patience and attention to detail, an almost sixth sense for knowing exactly what you have in your imagination and bringing that into reality using technology, combining analytical methodical thinking with creativity and her artistic nature, the perfect combination for aligning with my not so tech understanding and allowing my ideas to become reality.

Susan Royle – Tranquility Time


From Our Clients

Here’s what other clients have to say…

This Queen knows her stuff!

“Exstensively knowledgeable of the Coaching industry. Easy to understand training and support. Over-delivers and is so very generous with her time and support.

If you’re like me and struggle getting your head aound lead pages, funnels, linking emails to events etc… this woman is your one stop shop for everything Tech!”

Elaine Grace

Female Empowerment Coach

Thank You Sharon

“You have made the transition of moving to the online space an enjoyable one.

I felt so overwhelmed with just the thought of doing the tech, but as soon as I started working with you, you put my mind at ease, broke everythibg down into bite sized chunks so I could understand and follow the process. Now my… membership is up and running!!!

I/m so xcited and can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me.”

Yvonne Michele

International Speaker, Coach, Radio Presenter & Author

Thank you!

“My business wouldn’t be online if it wasn’t for your support, your own self belief and your vision too!! Thank you”

Jojo Bailey

Transformational Coach, Sober Mindset Mentor & Author

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Sharon 

“Sharon has extended a warm and steady arm of support to me over the last few months during my transition from full time employment to self-employment. My path was rocky at times and occasionally the fog engulfed me. However, I always had Sharon’s unwavering support, guidance and wealth of knowledge along the way. In addition to introducing me to invaluable and simple tech tools, we have bounced business model ideas around, we have discussed pricing strategy and we have created a stunning and memorable brand for my new role in Horticultural Therapy. With Sharon’s support, I was able to move barriers, boulders and uncertainty from my path, a once arduous journey became clear, smooth, achievable and much more enjoyable. Most importantly, I have found a wonderful, inspiring and talented friend.

Louise Iredale

Theraputic Horticulturist

WOW! What an amazing 5 days!

I am a real technophobe…I signed up for your Accelerator and nearly talked myself out of attending !! It was fabulous! I gained so much confidence in my new business and my mission. from how you beautifully shared your expertise. Not only did you breakdown the steps into achievable tasks, hand hold us all, but you tuned in and guided us each with your vision. Result…very happy ladies with beautiful Facebook visibility. I’ve already recommended a couple of friends to get on the next one you run. Thank you again Sharon!”

Suzanne Arnold

Sound Healer

LET’S talk

At the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know!

There is no one size fits all solution! If you feel as though you are wading through the mud when it comes to the technical aspects of your business let’s have a chat and shed some light on possible solutions.